Hello everyone,

herewith we start our live-report from the Air Cargo Challenge 2013:

Yesterday we arrived to Ota Air Base. The trip was short and we did without problems. Our accommodation is directly on the Air Base. We have two 3-bed rooms there. We are very satisfied. I would not expext more from a hotel. The organisation team is doing a great job.

Yesterday we meet many other teams and also some old friends we met at previous ACCes. Some teams are still working on their planes, I think some had a sleepless night. Also in our floor a drill could be heared the whole night.

As we aspected many teams builded ribbed wings with wingspans between 4 and 5 meters. But we didn’t all planes yet.

Today there will be the presentations and the technical inspection. Hopefully everything goes well.

Your AKAModell Team