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    Impression of the event:

    Compilation of our flights:

  • Akamodell wins ACC for the second time

    The 12 kg flight was enough.
    In the last run we lifted 12.5 kg, but a strong thermal gust during the approach broke a winglet resulting in a crash. We repaired the plane in time for the fourth run, but the competition was declared to be over after the third run.

  • 12kg!!

    We did a 12 kg flight!

    We had to restart, but the 2nd time everything went well!

    At the moment we are leading. But a Chinese team orderd 12,25kg.

    All of us are very happy.

  • an unlucky day

    Good morning again,

    Yesterday we were unlucky. The wind and thermal conditions are very difficult. The air is extremly turbulent. On our test run we did 10 kg, but breaking the rod of the front landing gear because of a gust from behind. We fixed that and ordered 11,5kg for the first round.

    The 11,5 kg flight was really good. But also in this flight a gust right before touchdown caused a large slip angle, which made the screws for cargo bay attachment break. At least we only had minor repairs.

    Today there are at least two more rounds and we hope for more luck.

    Our report and presentation scores are quite good (second place of all teams).

  • The Air Cargo Challenge

    The Air Cargo Challenge is arranged every two years between universities from all over Europe or even from all over the world. After hosting the competition in 2011 the members of the Akamodell Stuttgart are now proud of beeing able to participate again and designing/building a new aircraft for this task.

    What is the competition about ?
    In few words, it’s about carrying as much weight as possible with a R/C model airplane. And of course, there are some restrictions concerning engine, power supply, aircraft dimensions, etc. For more information on this year’s regulations, visit the competition’s web site.

  • First competition Day Starts

    Good morning everyone,

    Yesterday we passed the technical inspection. Everything was fine there. Also the stability test was no real problem with 13,2 kg. The highest load tested.

    In presentation Christian and Ruben did well. But we don’t have the results right now.

    As we aspected many teams built a large ribbed wing. Most have a wingspan between 4 m and 4,9 m. But there is an Romanian team with 5,8m. A huge plane.

    From now on we are looking forward to flight competition which will start soon.

  • We arrived!

    Hello everyone,

    herewith we start our live-report from the Air Cargo Challenge 2013:

    Yesterday we arrived to Ota Air Base. The trip was short and we did without problems. Our accommodation is directly on the Air Base. We have two 3-bed rooms there. We are very satisfied. I would not expext more from a hotel. The organisation team is doing a great job.

    Yesterday we meet many other teams and also some old friends we met at previous ACCes. Some teams are still working on their planes, I think some had a sleepless night. Also in our floor a drill could be heared the whole night.

    As we aspected many teams builded ribbed wings with wingspans between 4 and 5 meters. But we didn’t all planes yet.

    Today there will be the presentations and the technical inspection. Hopefully everything goes well.

    Your AKAModell Team

  • Video online

    We’ve uploaded a video of the flight test program that our aircraft had to pass during the last two weeks: